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DIVORCE - Often a very traumatic, frustrating and emotiionally charged experience, the parties should always attempt to reach a mutual, amicable settlement of the marital property and parental sharing issues. That being said, we understand that all too frequently the parties do not want to compromise or be reasonable, they simply want to make things difficult for the other person. Skilled legal counsel understands what, why and how the issues should be addressed and have the experience to know how the Court will likely rule on certain issues if it must be litigated. While preparing to litigate the disputed issues vigorously, the divorce attorney must provide advice and counsel throughout the entire process to make sure the client makes knowledgeable, intelligent and beneficial decisions and provide guidance on the possible courses of action.  Fees for divorce cases are based on several factors: length of marriage; whether minor children are involved; whether real property issues are involved; whether pension/retirement plans are involved; whether alimony is involved; and, the grounds for the divorce. The more of these factors exist - the higher the initial fee.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Whether the victim of domestic violence or the accused abuser, Neal has years of trial experience in both the civil cases (Domestic Violence) and the criminal side (Domestic Assault &/or Domestic Battery). The importance of presenting the evidence in a clear, concise and cognizant manner cannot be overstated since the result of the initial contested hearing is likely to have substantial and long-lasting effects. Entry of a Domestic Violence Protective Order requires adherence with its terms, and the violation of a protective order is a criminal offense.

Criminal actions involving Domestic Battery and/or Domestic Assault are "enhanced penalty" crimes which provide severe punishment in subsequent offenses.

ADOPTION - Whether a private adoption or a subsidized adoption, we can assist you from start to finish in the process. Uncontested adoptions can often be obtained for very reasonable attorney fees.  We LOVE ADOPTIONS...  it is absolutely one of the best and most meaningful proceeding any attorney can do.  The is nothing better than getting cards and photos from prior clients and adoptees over the years!

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