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Personal Injury

Many, many lawyers advertise that they do personal injury cases. They spend thousands of dollars monthly on television commercials to persuade people that they can get them quick money and keep them out of court. The fact is that injuries take time to be treated and properly heal (or reach maximum degree of medical improvement) and a quick settlement may not be in your best interest if the end result is that you are left with little money and additional medical bills. The insurance companies spend billions of dollars to convince society with the idea that anyone who goes to court for a personal injury claim is simply trying to "get rich quick". The key to litigation of every personal injury claim is to prepare it as if it will go to trial from the very start, because the reality is that that will maximize the potential to resolve it fairly and in a reasonable time.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident as the result of someone else's negligence, you should obtain competent legal counsel to assist you in your case. It is highly recommended that you secure counsel AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER THE COLLISION SO THAT VALUABLE EVIDENCE MAY BE PRESERVED, and that you DO NOT SIGN ANY RELEASE FORM FROM THE OTHER PERSON'S INSURANCE COMPANY UNLESS APPROVED BY YOUR ATTORNEY.

No one should claim that they can get you quick money or keep you out of court. When looking for an attorney to handle your personal injury case consider that: at this law office you will have one attorney who will handle your case "personally" from start to finish; one person who knows all details of the case and who can answer your questions. We are not a personal injury "factory", as we only handle a few personal injury cases at any point to insure we can devote time to each case.

All accepted personal injury cases are performed on a contingency basis. In other words, the attorney fee is based upon a percentage of the final settlement (or in structured settlement cases, a percentage of the present value of the settlement amount). Contingency fees are typically 25% if the case is settled before suit is filed. In the event of settlement after suit is filed or upon trial, the fee is typically 33 & 1/3%.

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